Getting back soon

Looks like I wasn’t writing here for ages..

But as the summer goes to the end, the new era of blogging starts!

I hope so that everyone had such an amazing summer!

My summer was full of activities and exploding moments! Firstly, my laptop and camera have been stolen (that’s why I do not have a lot pictures to show). Also, I was at my homeland for a holiday where I visited the seaside with my family and unforgettable ‘Yaga’ festival with my friends. I’ve moved to a new house on my own and I am happy to get back here!

Just a few looks from my summer:


  • My new lovely white dress from the internet


  • And my new Topshop ombre shorts

Secrets of the mysterious Peterhof Palace

This article would be slightly different from others, because I will talk about my last summer trip to Russia. Enjoy!


It is early Sunday morning and I am at Lithuania train station with my worried parents. I am as tired as a raccoon, with dark circles under my eyes. At this moment I could seriously imagine killing someone. Everyone is smiling around me, carrying their luggage and talking so loudly that my head may explode. I know that this is the only chance to spend a few days of my summer somewhere else, and somewhere in my heart I believe that I am grateful for this trip to Russia.
Each commuter waves from the window like crazy idiots, while I just wave to my parents once and put my headphones on. After a while I understand that I am not alone in the coupe. Looking around I see that there are lots of young people shouting everywhere in the train and three women accompanying them. At that moment the only thing I can imagine is that the whole holiday could be even worse.

Just for a moment I dive to my old memories of childhood. It reminds me of my first journey by the train to Russia at the age of 4. It was my first experience of sleeping in the train and being afraid of falling down from the bed. After the pleasant remembrance the next couple of hours here to my surprise turns into hilarious atmosphere and the noise is not disturbing me anymore, I even become part of it. The long journey in the train ends so fast and actually I might be proud of meeting so many new Russian speaking people. And then the best part only begins.

After the night sleep, I could see the amazing Russian nature, streets full of movement, huge flowing rivers with modern boats, colorful orthodox churches and unique statues everywhere from my window. Parks, which are full of green trees and ripe flowers makes me even feel the amazing sparkling fragrance.

And then finally we reach the glorious Peterhof city, which is alive and full of ancient memories, venerable history and unforgettable views. After the burdensome journey by the bus, I am so excited to leave it as quick as possible. The weather just perfect; sun is shining and touching my skin, no clouds and the fresh frail of wind is giving the full refreshment to my mind. Suddenly, my ears recognise the strange sound. The sound of the moving water, which is grate to my hearing, makes me run to see it. And then I find the most amazing place I have ever been to. The famous Peterhof Palace, which could be easily called the city of world fountains.

My eyes are hurting for a second and it takes a few seconds until I realize why. To my amazement it is gold, seriously effulgent gold, which looks even more powerful and attracting because of the glowing sun.

I cannot believe the fact that I am standing on the ground, which was czars Peter’s riches before. But the reason why it was his choice is more than obvious and is in front of my eyes. Despite the bright gold ancient statues and the large amount of fountains with crystallite water outside, there is something more.

The gigantic yellow and white Palace with ivory tremendous columns looks so charming and mysterious at the same time. Walking through the whole Palace is like breathing in the smell of history or like to teleport into ancient time. The huge amount of golden things inside again, colossal paintings on the walls and extensive halls. Guide tells us that: “Even Palace walls are antiquity, because of being loyal for keeping the enormous amount of the royal secrets.” I even try to listen to the walls; it feels so strange and at the same time I could sense how exhausted and brittle those walls are.

I couldn’t wait to get into the balcony, where famous Peter was standing too, to see the incredible vision. And my expectations were exceeded. The incredible nature looks even more wonderful from here! Jurassic channel with slightly moving liquid waves surrounded by sturdy trees makes me feel charmed. Or powerful white color combination with real gold and never sleeping fountains.