Wishlist from the BANK fashion SALE

I’ve found out that BANKfashion put ENORMOUS amount of clothes on sale!
And guess what, the prices are not that bad!
Actually I believe they can be affordable for all fashion lovers!

I’ve decided to add the bits which I loved the most:

wishlist from the bankfashion 2015

  1. Glamorous Faux fur stripped coat – 37.50£
  2. Pink Soda Ariel platform shoes – ONLY 15£ !!!
  3. Pink Soda Gina platform shoes – 21£
  4. Pink Soda Glitzy platform shoes - ONLY 15£ !!!
  5. Pink Soda Suzi Sling back boots – 24.50£
  6. Catseye Animal make up bag – ONLY 7.35£ now !!!

wishlist from the bankfashion

  1. I am so freaking in love with this Fenchurch Asymmeteric Airtex Skirt – 12.60£ ONLY!!!
  2. Amazing Cayler and Sons Fashion Killa Beanie – 12£
  3. This Fenchurch 2-in-1 Airtex T-shirt makes me feel crazy! – JUST FOR 11.20£
  4. Quay Charlie Sunglasses – JUST 12£
  5. Miss KG Norelle Flat Sandals – 35£
  6. LYDC Daisy Backpack – 12£

All and more available from: http://www.bankfashion.co.uk

Better hurry up !!!

DYI Earrings Tutorial

Since I am working at the craft shop I always come across to the variaty of beads, studs, sequins and etc.This time I have found amazing jewellery bits on the shop floor! They reminded me about summer so much, that I could not resist! I was always aware about DYI, so that’s why I’ve decided to write an post about it. It is so inexpensive and fun at the same time! I could not wait till I could wear them! Ingridients:

  • You will just simply need some super glue (I’ve already got one at home, so no spending!)
  • Earring studs and backs (they usually come in a pack of few, I’ve bought 6 pairs only for 1£ !)
  • And something to made an earring from! (It could be anything! From shells to tiny toys!) (I’ve spend only 2£ on mine)

DYI Earrings

  1. What you need to do is just simply glue earring studs at the back of your upcoming earring.
  2. Leave them for a while to dry!
  3. And whoala! You are ready to rock!

DYI Earrings Tutorial

Personally I strongly believe that it’s the best way to not only save money and expand your jewellery collection but also to express yourself and your creativity!

I promise that You will make them within a few minutes! Enjoy!


Since I was writing mostly about my style and sometimes fashion shows reviews,
I have decided to start blogging from slightly different perspective.

As you know, in the fashion world a lot of things are happening each day.
New fashion trends, new fashion shows, photoshoots and etc.

All of them include extraordinary and extravagant clothes and style, which costs a fortune, without any doubt.
And as I cannot afford most of them, I truly believe that most of you cannot too!

That it’s why I will try to write more and more about FASHION ON A LOW BUDGET!

It will still include the newest trends and reviews but in addition to that:
TIPS how to dress unique and stay trendy, without leaving all your pockets empty!

See ya sooon!

P.S. I have created an twitter account and I am still new to it!


Feel free to follow me! xx

Accessories Trends for autumn 2014

If you still have no idea about upcoming autumn trends, there you could found some hot fashion tips.
So here it is the most fashionable 2014 trends that you have to wear right now!

  • Faux fur collarIt’s time to forget and leave your simple scarves and wear collars instead!
    It could simply create an incredible classical outlook or make your daily look more alive.


  • Rucksack

    The classic rucksacks  was again reinterpreted on the runway! Search for bright ones or eye-catching patterns if you want to try something different. You can also wear your old rucksack instead of buying a new one. Just don’t forget to use your imagination to refresh it.dd

  • NecklaceWant to create a charming silhouette to your look? Then pick the diamante or neon necklace!The trendy ladylike appearance guaranteed!


Once again – Neon look

As it became colder in England, I started warming myself with neon/bright colors clothing as usually!

  • New mustard color sweater
  • New knee ripped jeans
  • New Celine handbag

In this look you can also see my new passion – stones.

  • Opal stone necklace
  • Quartz stone and Amethyst rings

befunky_artwork.jpg  IMG_3976

Life is too short for wearing boring clothes!

Getting back soon

Looks like I wasn’t writing here for ages..

But as the summer goes to the end, the new era of blogging starts!

I hope so that everyone had such an amazing summer!

My summer was full of activities and exploding moments! Firstly, my laptop and camera have been stolen (that’s why I do not have a lot pictures to show). Also, I was at my homeland for a holiday where I visited the seaside with my family and unforgettable ‘Yaga’ festival with my friends. I’ve moved to a new house on my own and I am happy to get back here!

Just a few looks from my summer:


  • My new lovely white dress from the internet


  • And my new Topshop ombre shorts

Summer changes!

Changes, changes, changes!

So glad that I finally let myself to cut some of my hair!

And I also changed red ombre colour to purple!

I am so inlove with my :

  • new burgundy/black Newlook Fedora hat!
  • new see-through long top
  • new double pearl earrings





Calm day after finishing all my assignments for University.

Feeling completely satisfied with my new EOS lip balm;

And with my charming kitty neighbor.



Gold color

Gold, gold, gold and again gold!

I think it will be never enough of golden details in my wardrobe!

Breathing in the fresh air with my:

  • new grey sport suit
  • new neon pink clutch
  • new gladiator type sandals
  • new gold chain