Today’s mood: Traveler

Dreaming about future islands/places were to go or stay. Wishing about crazy monkeys that crowd around you in the jungle. Also about drinking fresh coconut water and eating mango with watermelon on the beach…

Summer, I am waiting for you and endless adventures.

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  • Asos beige feodora
  • Zara denim coat
  • NewYorker ‘double sided’ scarf
  • H&M burgundy boots
  • Primark hippie style backpack



Magical Nice, France

My journey to France was one the best travel experiences in my life so far. The place is full of magnificent nature and bright colors! From walking down the sunny beach to staying late in the mountains under the thousands of stars…


The interior and buildings are different from other places, they have bright and unique details. The color of the water and sky is unforgettable and magical here.

I was amazed and touched that so many beautiful places exist on our planet and that not everything yet is destroyed by manufactures. The source of inspiration and joyfulness can be reached in seconds here! All you need is a good weather, a company and smile!



Kunstverein Hannover

I have visited Kunstverein museum in Hannover,Germany. The exhibition that was presented here was Michael E. Smith’s vision.

I was wearing my favorite burgundy faux leather skirt, cat-print blouse, h&m boots and h&m jacket.

Elements and sculptures in the corners, enormous focus on lightening and minimalist space both:




& intimidated

at the same time.

The sense of fear, darkness and emptiness in our world/society was experienced in every room that I have entered. Such a strange and frightening feeling to observe our society and casual lives from a different, artistic perceptive…

Bright color in a grey street

Feels so weird to write again after so much time!

In this autumn look my inspiration as always comes from the vibrant colors pallet!

I absolutely love this pink coat as it keeps me bright on the grey days!

I always focus on details that it is why the accessories plays a big role to me!

They must be eye-catching and creative to me!

coat bright glasses fashion style look outlook trend hat

I am absolutely in love with my new black-burgundy boots with chains!

coat bright glasses fashion style look outlook trend hat

I also cannot resist to anything that relates to cosmic sort of print!

And GLASSES… glasses… glasses…

coat bright glasses fashion style look outlook trend hat

Almost forgot to mention, I am not wearing any make up or using something to edit my pictures!

Stay and be natural!

Be real and throw away all of your masks!

Back into childhood

Not a long time ago I’ve visited my hometown. The weather was really nice! But colder than now here!

Each time when I come back home beautiful and bright memories are attacking my head.
And despite the fact that places and people are changing, I will always keep my memories safely.

That day I was wearing:

  • Neon beanie
  • British flag pattern jacket
  • Ripped knee jeans
  • Mustard color sweater

    And my mum bought me these perfect

  • Gel Noosa Tri 9 – Asics running shoes !!!

look style fashion acics running shoes beanie jacket

look style fashion acics running shoes beanie jacket

Tell me what do you think!!! How do you feel when coming home?

Almost summer?

The weather is always full of surprises!!! The shiny day always inspires and cheers me up!

I love buying new stuff for my wardrobe but what I love even more is creating stunning outfits with old clothes!

This time I have decided to combine some classic elements with simple street style.

  • Handmade Diesel denim jacket (see tutorial in oldest post)
  • Cosmic t-shirt (Primark)
  • Metallic sneakers (Bankfashion)
  • John Lennon style sunglasses
  • Leather skater skirt
  • Fedora hat

denim jacket look fashion style dieseldenim jacket look fashion style diesel

denim jacket look fashion style diesel


I always loved & will love timberland shoes!

I have got my pair a few years ago from 
They were not at the best quality at that time and now they looked even worse.

Since I really wanted to keep them, I have decided to do some easy DIY with them.


  1. Super glue. (I have used the one that I had at home)
  2. Felt or some fabric. (I’ve bought this sheet from Hobbycraft/ only for 0.80£)
  3. Permanent and waterproof marker. (I’ve bought mine from Ebay/ only 1£)
  4. Scissors. (I have used mine)
  5. You can use a pencil before drawing with marker if its easier for you.


  1. Instead of painting with a pencil at first, my friend and I started to paint immediately with a marker.
  2. Once finished, we cropped the exact amount of felt and glued it over the top of shoes.
  3. It was so easy and so much fun! I suggest everyone to try that! It can be canvas shoes, flats or any other kind of boots!


Stay creative!!!

Spring & Summer outfit on low a budget

Attention ladies!
This spring/summer wave of the positive emotions should attack you and effect your wardrobe!
Promise yourself to wear only eye-catching accessories and more vibrant colors!
And I promise you it will lead to even more adventures in your life!

Summer and Spring outlook by Topshop, Newlook, Riverisland

Summer and Spring outlook with Topshop, Newlook and River Island items

  1. Moto Embroidered borg gilet – to keep you warm on spring days and summer nights?  Topshop – ONLY 15£ !!!
  2. Tassel Beaded Ditsy Necklace – tiny but BRIGHT detail Topshop – 10£
  3. Bright Blue Multi Pocket Backpack – so eye-catching and comfy! River Island – 12£
  4. WHITE CHUNKY LACE UP ANKLE BOOTS – you will feel how comfy they are! River Island – 20£
  5. CREAM CURVED HEM CROP TOP – perfect match! River Island – ONLY 10£
  6. PINK SATEEN BOX PLEAT MIDI SKIRT – and the most important is SKIRT! River Island – 25£

If it’s still too cold – don’t forget to put some CRAZY tights then!

P.S. I have picked those items on sale, but keep your eye on second-hand shops.
You will be surprised what kind of beauties you can find!

Street style: Milan Fashion Week Fall 2015

Milan Fashion Week 2015 was full of eye-catching and unforgettable outfits.
With a enormous amount of unique and extravagant details in addition.

I have picked the ones that I’ve mostly loved and the ones which definitely will go to my inspiration folder.

Stella Jean skirts, Adidas and Reebok shoes

On left: Stella Jean skirt and Adidas Stan Smith shoes; on right: Stella Jean skirt and Reebok shoes

Gilda Ambrosio in a Loewe jacket

Gilda Ambrosio in a Loewe jacket

 Elisa Nalin in Adidas Originals sneakers

Elisa Nalin in Adidas Originals sneakers

Chiara Totire in Marc Jacobs pants and wearing Céline shoes

Chiara Totire in Marc Jacobs pants and wearing Céline shoes

Leila Yavari

Leila Yavari

 Hanneli Mustaparta in Salvatore Ferragamo

Hanneli Mustaparta in Salvatore Ferragamo

Susie Bubble in a Marco de Vincenzo coat and a Nike turtleneck, Julia Sarr Jamois, Bryanboy

Susie Bubble in a Marco de Vincenzo coat and a Nike turtleneck, Julia Sarr Jamois, Bryanboy

 Veronika Heilbrunner and Justin O'Shea

Veronika Heilbrunner and Justin O’Shea

 Carlotta Oddi with an Anya Hindmarch bag

Carlotta Oddi with an Anya Hindmarch bag

Amazing moments were caught by photographer: Phil Oh

More inspiration available from: